Megawatts Engineering Services Pte Ltd is appointed as Gefran distributor for MOTION CONTROL Equipments – This range of products, designed and manufactured at the Drive and Motion Control Unit of Gefran in Gerenzano (VA), consists of continuous and alternating current electronic drives and electric motors, including a complete range to fully satisfy the needs of industrial automation. The line also includes a series of inverters for the domestic and industrial photovoltaic industry.

Gefran offers the best customised solutions to optimise and improve the performance of each industrial application, providing, in addition to its products, expert advice, synergy and partnership with its customers.

show_PROD-CAT_Power_supplies___System_LinesWith the SIEIDrive – SM32 series of AC/DC power supplies you can create power supply systems on a common DC Bus for multi-drive systems as well as single-drive power supplies.
When a regenerative power supply units is requested, AFE200 is ideal for powering the batteries of drives connected on the same DC Bus or even for managing single-drive configurations.
The result is Clean power thanks to the unit power factor and reduced harmonic distortion (<5%)



show_InverterFORIndustrialWith their cutting edge technology, the SIEIDrive series of inverters incorporates all the needs of systems integrators, panel builders and machine manufacturers to guarantee the best control solutions in modern industrial automation systems.A wide range of motor ratings, power supply settings and sector-specific configurations make this a universal solution for all control architectures.