Renewable Energy Projects

Renewable Energy Projects

Megawatts is able to provide customized solution; integration and installation of different range of equipment and system in photovoltaic and energy storage, catering to customers site conditions and requirements.

PV-ESS Hybrid System at Industrial Building

  • 74.2kWp PV installation
  • 47kWh energy storage
  • Can perform as emergency power supply for isolated load
  • Store solar excess energy
  • Discharge when solar irradiation is low to maintain the power supply while minimize power grid usage

PV Powered Container

  • 7.56kWp PV
  • 9.6kWp Batteries
  • The container does not depend on grid power
  • Can be use as site office or area without grid supply

Residential Grid Connected PV

  • 11.05kWp PV
  • Reduce on electricity bill and installed PV system work as heat insulator to reduce room temperature

PV Grid-Connected at Rangoon 400kV Power Substation

  • 65kWp PV
  • Conventional multi-crystalline PV modules

PV Grid-Connected Power at Paya Lebar 230kV Power Substation

  • 65kWp PV
  • Glass to glass multi-crystalline PV modules and back contact mono-crystalline PV modules

PV Off-Grid with Grid Backup (Singapore)

  • 2.925kWp PV
  • 28.8kWh Batteries

BIPV Residential Grid Connected PV (Singapore)

  • 5.2kWp PV
  • Reduce electricity bill
  • Save on roofing material

Solar Powered Surveillance System (Singapore)

  • Mobility design for easy relocation
  • Continuous 24hrs recording
  • Remote monitoring by smart phone/PC/laptop
  • Real-time viewing
  • Night vision capability
  • Visual and audio alarms
  • SMS alerts

BIPV Car Park Shelter (Singapore)

  • 2.88kWp PV
  • Using micro inverter with modules level monitoring
  • Reduce electricity bill
  • Save on roofing material