PUYOU Deep-Well Pump

Types of Pump

Water or Seawater Submersible Pump (QHB)
Bottom-Suction Submersible Pump (QHBX
Vertical Shaft Fire Pump (QHBC
Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps (HSP)
Submersible Sand Pump (QSB)
Submersible Coaxial Pump (QS)
Submersible Sewage Pump (QWW)
Axial Submersible Pump (QZG)

Water or Seawater Submersible Pumps (QHB) Series, or Seawater Submersible Pump, can be used as a submersible pump, and also as a firepump to supply water, seawater or other similar fire-extinguishing materials. It is an ideal equipment for supplying water in municipal works, mining, off-shore platforms, shipyards and similar operating modes.

Capacity: Q ≤ 2500m3/h (11000gpm)
Head: H ≤ 250m (357psi)
Power: 380V-10kV, 50/60Hz

PUYOU is certified with the following qualifications:

  • ISO9001 approval is issued by DNV·GL
  • The Spec Q1 approval is issued by American Petroleum Institute (API)
  • The fire products are FM approved issued by USA Factory Mutual Research Corporation (FM)
  • The submersible pumps are certified approved for marine products by the American Bureau Shipping (ABS)
  • The marine products are certified type approval for marine products by the China Classification Society (CCS).
  • The explosion–proof products are certified of conformity issued by China National Quality Supervision and Test Center for Explosion Protected Electrical Products (CQST).
  • The fire pumps are certified by the China Quality Certification Centre (CCC)