Battery Energy Storage

Battery Energy Storage



MEGAWATTS Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS) is customisable and configured to match application required power and capacity. This compact and robust BESS can be deployed for floating platforms, vessels, and other industrial areas, resulting in huge fuel savings, reduction in vibration, noise, emissions, prolong maintenance intervals and higher operations efficiency.

The solution can be containerized in 20ft or 40ft being Modular and Scalable and is integrated with safety protection, monitoring and efficiency design features which are important for better performance of the battery and safe operations. 

There is a shift in the market to comply to environmental awareness regulations. Having over 30 years of engineering experience, MEGAWATTS is positioned to provide sustainable solutions and work with well-established partners to meet owners’ requirements. The customised BESS solution can be integrated with energy generated by renewable sources, encompassing Digital Technology and Application Programs and can be used for applications such as peak shaving, load balancing, spinning reserve, etc.


Load leveling

Load leveling is storing power during periods of light loading on the system and delivering it during periods of high demand. Load leveling also allows for the postponement of investments in grid upgrades or in new generating capacity.

Peak Shaving

Peak shaving is similar to load leveling, but mainly for the purpose of reducing peak demand rather than for economy of operation.

Commercial and industrial customers save on their electricity bills by reducing peak demand

Capacity firming

The variable, intermittent power output from a renewable power generation plant, such as wind or solar, can be maintained at a committed level for a period of time. The energy storage system smoothens the output and controls the ramp rate (MW/min) to eliminate rapid voltage and power swings on the electrical grid.

Frequency regulation

Intermittent power generation from renewables and other sources, along with variable loads cause deviations from nominal frequency in the grid. Energy storage systems will restore the balance between supply and demand. The energy storage system is charged or discharged in response to an increase or decrease of grid frequency and keeps it within pre-set limits.

Power Quality

Energy storage systems improve power quality and protect downstream loads against disturbances in the grid, affecting their operation.

Spinning Reserve

Respond to a generation or transmission outage by supplying power to maintain network continuity while the back-up generator is started and brought on line. This enables generators to work at optimum power output, without the need to keep idle capacity for spinning reserves. It can also eliminate the need to have back-up generators running idle.