Solar PV Project Range

Solar PV Project Range


Solar Farms

Solar farms allow investors to generate stable passive income and reduce dependence on fossil fuels which are subjected to price fluctuations.

Commercial, Industrial, Institutions and Others

Building owners equipped with solar photovoltaic systems enjoy self-consumption benefits as usage drawn from electricity distributors will be reduced.

Megawatts provides integrated net metering solutions to enable system owners to sell excess energy. Alternatively, direct feed-in solutions are offered for owners to sell all generated energy.


Solar energy can be applied to residential areas to meet household electricity needs. Apart from being-carbon free, clean energy from solar systems is almost maintenance-free and has a long lifespan of up to 25 years to realise cost savings.

Besides offsetting against electricity bills, the solar photovoltaic system, coupled with a net metering mechanism, allows excess energy generated during daylight to be credited. This reaps long-term cost-saving benefits as well as increases the market value of the property.

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Building-Integrated PV (BIPV)

Beyond rooftop installations, Megawatts provides integrated photovoltaic systems to form parts of the building structure, such as building facades, walkways and carpark shelters. This can also be applied to agriculture greenhouses, allowing crops to be provided with ample sunlight while supplying clean energy to all electrical equipment, lightings and security systems.

Floating PV

We are capable of integrating PV systems on water surfaces, which is a suitable clean energy approach for places with limited land space.

Remote Electrification

Off-grid photovoltaic applications serve as standalone energy solutions to remote areas such as rural communities or resorts with no access to electricity. The hassle of transporting fossil fuels to remote areas is completely alleviated, and replaced with clean and renewable solar energy which is isolated from fuel price fluctuations.

Multipurpose ECO Power Container

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This eco-powered container is suitable for facilities with temporary and portability requirements, or locations with no access to grid power, such as mobile site offices, emergency command/ medical centres, mobile cafes, charging stations, and events.

For instance, a 20-foot eco-powered container office is able to support 4 laptops, 4 florescent lights, a printer, a horse-powered air-conditioner, a mini-fridge, and multiple telephone lines. Office operations can last up to 14 hours with 16 hours of backup batteries in store.

The eco-powered container is customisable for other electrical loads and application requirements.

Telecommunication Application

Our solar photovoltaic system is capable of powering telecommunication towers at remote areas without the need to lay long and expensive cables. In addition, solar energy sustains minimal power losses during transmission, in comparison to long-distance grid connection.