Electrical Services

Electrical Services

We have a team of well-qualified experienced managers and skilled electrical engineers, with many years of field experiences. Many of them are CompEx-certified personnel who have shown their competency to perform jobs safely under potentially hazardous environments. Megawatts is also awarded as main contractor in provision of general electrical services to one of POSCO Daewoo International onshore and offshore drilling production platform in Burma.

Our Capabilities

  • Retrofitting of main switch boards, motor control centres, busbars and breakers
  • Maintenance, recondition, overhaul and replacement of electrical equipment and power generating systems
  • Load test of power generating system
  • Calibration of breakers, meters and relays, primary and secondary current injection tests
  • Modification works on AVR, auto synchronization and load sharing of generators
  • Troubleshooting of electrical and electronic equipment and systems
  • Installation of P & I cables, loop check and commissioning of equipment and systems
  • All electrical-related repairs & services on electrical equipment & power generating systems
  • Fibre optics termination, troubleshooting and commissioning
  • SCR repair & upgrading


Variable Frequency Drives

Megawatts is the authorised system integrator and distributor of ABB, Danfoss/ Vacon and Parker drive systems. Our engineers are manufacturer-trained, and we are able to provide a one-stop solution for supply, installation, commissioning and servicing of the drive systems.

Our pool of experienced engineers works to resolve your VFD system issues, such that operating hours are maximised and downtime is minimised.

Our knowledge ranges from correct sizing and design of drive system to training operations and maintenance.