Rotating Machinery Services

Rotating Machinery Services

Our workshop is well-equipped to service rotating machinery equipment with a quick turnaround time. We meet ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and IECEx service standard requirements. We are also the authorised and recommended service centre for companies such as GE, NOV and NIDEC/ Leroy Somer.

 Our Capabilities

Rotating Machinery

  • Overhaul, rewind large AC & DC motors and generators (up to 4mw at 11kv), AC & DC traction motors, and transformers (up to 4 mva at 11kv)
  • Overhaul, repair and recondition rotating machineries that include compressors, winches, gears, pumps, valves, etc.
  • Dynamic balancing of rotors and impellers
  • Shaft journal and white metal bearing repair and machining work for motors & generators
  • Laser alignment and on-site vibration analysis & rectification
  • Repair and rebuild elmagco / baylor eddy current brake
  • Motors and generators load test services
  • Supporting services for rotating machinery work such as general fabrication and machining


Approved Channel Partner of General Electric (GE) Wabtec Motors     

Megawatts is the appointed authorised centre in Southeast Asia for supplying, servicing and repairing GE Wabtec A.C / D.C. motors, meeting the technical and equipment requirements.

Key Service Partner of NIDEC Alternators       

Megawatts is appointed as the authorised service partner of NIDEC Alternators (LEROY-SOMER & KATO) in Southeast Asia, providing aftersales support such as parts sales and performing workshop and onsite services works, including inspections, investigations, troubleshooting, overhauls, repairs or modifications, rewinding, upgrading, replacement or retrofit, maintenance, installation and commissioning.



Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI)

Megawatts provides VPI treatment for motors. VPI is a process that uses vacuum and pressure to seal porous materials with varnish or resin. The process is used primarily for high-voltage motors and generators to fill gaps in materials to create a “void free” insulation that reduces motor failure drastically.

Why “old dip and bake” method is replaced by VPI process?

During baking, solvent varnishes lose 50% to 70% of volume, leaving voids and air pockets in the windings, making it more susceptible to damage and wear. The vacuum used in VPI creates a more solid structure that gives great mechanical strength, cooler running motor due to effective heat dissipation, and high level of environmental protection, withstanding against leaks, cracks, corrosion and moisture. A motor winding that undergoes VPI is virtually impervious to oil, moisture, and chemical contaminants.

VPI may be used for both A.C. and D.C. stators, armatures, field coils, and applications such as lifting magnets. Large frame motors from 460 volts through 13,800 volts should receive VPI, being a more cost-effective solution as it extends the lifetime of products while saving energy.

  • Reduces coil vibration
  • Harsh environment protection
  • Improve efficiency (better heat transfer and effectively dissipated)
  • Reduces damage due to internal partial discharge (PD)
  • Longer lifespan for motor rewinds
  • Increased mechanical strength