Rotating Machinery Services

Rotating Machinery Services

Our workshop is well-equipped to service rotating machinery equipment with a quick turnaround time. We meet ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and IECEx service standard requirements. We are also the authorised and recommended service centre for companies such as GE, NOV and Leroy Somer.

 Our Capabilities

Rotating Machinery

  • Overhaul, rewind large AC& DC motors and generators (up to 4mw at 11kv), AC & DC traction motors, and transformers (up to 4 mva at 11kv)
  • Overhaul, repair and recondition rotating machineries that include compressors, winches, gears, pumps, valves, etc.
  • Dynamic balancing of rotors and impellers
  • Shaft journal and white metal bearing repair and machining work for motors & generators
  • Laser alignment and on-site vibration analysis & rectification
  • Repair and rebuild elmagco / baylor eddy current brake
  • Motors and generators load test services
  • Supporting services for rotating machinery work such as general fabrication and machining

Approved Channel Partner for GE Motors

Megawatts workshop is the authorised centre for servicing and repairing GE AC/DC motors.