Wireless Surveillance Integration System

Renting of Indoor/ Outdoor CCTV Systems

We offer cost-effective solar or/and battery-powered surveillance systems by rental, which does not require a large capital outlay. Rental service of the CCTV systems can range from one day to a few months.

If you require a temporary surveillance for your construction or event site, our solution of rentable and portable solar powered CCTVs is just for you. No cable laying required.

Capturing all your memories at your wedding or other celebratory event is also possible! Adjustable from every angle, our one-day indoor CCTV rental solution will make sure none of your highlights go unnoticed.   

These rented systems can be applied to: 

  1. Social Events such as Concerts, Marathons, Sports Events, Weddings, Public Ceremony, Funerals, Parades, etc.
  2. Infrastructure Projects, including Highways, Building Constructions, Roadworks, etc.
  3. Restricted and Private Premises for Coastal Surveillance, Perimeter Surveillance, etc. 

Contact us and ensure a peace of mind wherever you work!