Solar-Powered Products


Surveillance (CCTV) System

Security threats and crimes have been emerging across the world, making surveillance a necessity in crisis management policies of cities, companies, schools, and even at homes.

What we offer:

  • An integration of a surveillance solution derived from your incident management policy
  • Constant power supply operational 24/7
  • Mobility of our solar-powered wireless surveillance system. Able to relocate to another site or location easily without the need to lay cables

Renting of Indoor/ Outdoor CCTV Systems

We offer cost-effective solar or/and battery-powered surveillance systems by rental, which does not require a large capital outlay. Rental service of the CCTV systems can range from one day to a few months.

If you require a temporary surveillance for your construction or event site, our solution of rentable and portable solar powered CCTVs is just for you. No cable laying required.

Capturing all your memories at your wedding or other celebratory event is also possible! Adjustable from every angle, our one-day indoor CCTV rental solution will make sure none of your highlights go unnoticed.   

These rented systems can be applied to: 

  1. Social Events such as Concerts, Marathons, Sports Events, Weddings, Public Ceremony, Funerals, Parades, etc.
  2. Infrastructure Projects, including Highways, Building Constructions, Roadworks, etc.
  3. Restricted and Private Premises for Coastal Surveillance, Perimeter Surveillance, etc.

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Solar-Powered LED Street Lights

Solar LED Street Lightings, powered by energy from the Sun. What we offer:

  • Hassle-free and reliable – no cable laying, feeder pillars and power failures
  • Mobility to be easily relocated to another site or location
  • System Integration with CCTVs
  • Motion Sensor and Light Dimming – energy saving
General Specifications
MaterialAluminium Alloy
Solar Panel18V 90W
LED Power60W
BatteryLithium Battery 12.8V 42Ah
Pole Height4-6 meter
Number of Cloudy/Rainy Days Support3 to 4 days
Energy Saving ModeMotion sensors and light dimming

We provide customisation services for solar lighting systems according to our clients’ requirements, such as brightness, light coverage and battery capacity.

If you only need the solar street lights for a short period of time, we also provide on rental basis for events, construction sites, etc.

Solar-Powered Water Pumps

Solar-powered water pumps make use of energy from the sun, which is conveniently functional in remote or isolated areas without the need for grid connection.


  • Farming irrigation: Watering plants, supplying water for livestock, etc.
  • Household water needs: Availability of water for households in remote and rural communities

Find out more on our hydration solar systems [demo].

Electrification Home System

Within many developing communities, rural populations, and even certain remote areas in the outskirts of cities, there are still homes with no access to electricity and power supplies. This causes innumerable problems during nightfall or emergency situations where power is needed.

With solar electrification home systems, lights can reach places where there is a genuine lack of power supply or conventional electricity source. The adaptor plugs equipped with USB slots also provide electricity for other equipment or devices, such as mobile phones, televisions, electric cookers, and more.

  • Remote areas – jungles, mountainous terrains, off-road tracks, etc.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Portable micro off-grid power

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