Company Profile

Megawatts Engineering Services Pte Ltd

Megawatts Engineering Services Pte Ltd is a Marine Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Company established in 1990. We are a multi-disciplinary and technical solutions provider with more than 200 employees in Singapore to provide our services in the Industrial, Marine and Offshore sectors.

We have a team of well qualified and hands-on experienced Managers and Engineers with many years of field experience to provide fast response and cost effective solutions to our customers’ needs. With the support from our dedicated, efficient and well-disciplined work force, we strive to fulfil our commitments with good quality works and timely delivery.

Megawatts Engineering Services Pte Ltd

Our Vision

A regional company with Singapore its home base

Our Mission

Raising the standard of operations and profitability of the industry

Core Values

  • Safety
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Respect for People
  • Agility

Quality Management Policy

Megawatts Engineering Services Pte Ltd has been awarded with ISO9001:2008 by DNV in recognition of our organisation’s Quality System Compliance since 2002.

We plan, implement and maintain an efficient and effective quality management system with continuous review and improvements. This ensures that our services and products will satisfy the requirements and expectations of both internal and external customers.

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