T-T Electric Motors

Megawatts is the authorised distributor of T-T Electric motor manufacturer. Being a time-tested product for over 100 years now, T-T Electric offers top-quality industrial DC motors, AC motors, and drives.

DC Motor

The modular design of the popular DC motor range offers a high degree of flexibility to adapt to the driven machine, and to fit into a restricted space. The drop-In solution permits adaptation of footprint, shaft extension and flanges to match dimensions of almost all DC motors in the market’s own range as well as others, new and old. This, in combination with short and reliable delivery times, makes T-T Electric DC motor range the right choice in the retrofit market.

LAK 2000, LAK 4000, and LAKC ranges of DC motors can be manufactured as standard from the catalogues or made according to your specifications.

A full range of high quality DC motors:

  • 4 Standard lengths A, B, C, D
  • Output from 160 to 1120 KW
  • IEC, NEMA, CSA standards
  • Degree of protection IP23 – IP55
  • Cooling forms IC17 IC37 IC06 IC86W IC666
  • All mountings and designs
  • Wide range of accessories


  • Drop in capability with many brands
  • Tailor =-made lengths by request
  • Adaptable foot print
  • Adaptable flange size and design
  • Special shaft extension
  • Matching of electrical data

AC Square Motors

A series of square frame AC motors for variable speed applications with flux vector control. This asynchronous motor has been developed and designed to achieve the same high performance and dimensions as DC motors of similar power.

The AC Square motor complies with IEC 60034 standards and responds to the requirements for most industrial applications. The compact and flexible square frame design facilitates its integration into all types of machineries.

A full range of AC Square Motors – AMP

  • Squirrel-cage rotor
  • Center heights from 112-355
  • Output up to 1000 kW at 1500 min-1
  • IP23 IC06 or IP54/55 IC416 (radial or axial ventilation)
  • Standards: IEC, NEMA, CSA

Spare parts & accessories

  • Wide range of accessories
  • Spare parts available for all motors: brushes and brush gears, tachogenerator and encoder, blower, air filter and bearings

Express manufacturing can be arranged

  • 4 to 8 days