About Us




Since 1996, Megawatts had grown to be an established electrical and mechanical engineering company with well-equipped and certified workshop facilities. Our team is led by managers and engineers with many years of field experiences.

Megawatts embarked on delivering clean energy with envision of multifaceted potentiality garnered from the sun which is carbon-free. We are committed to be a trusted company through our dependable services in development, installation and servicing of photovoltaic system tailored to customer specific conditions and requirements.

Leveraging on Megawatts core competency in electrical engineering, you will have peace of mind without facing unnecessary electrical faults or hazards issues.

Megawatts delivers an integration of smart, simple and safe clean energy solutions.

SMART: integrate smart technology to realize cost savings and benefits

SIMPLE: integrate simple ways of receiving and managing clean energy

SAFE: integrate safe electrical and mechanical installations